Sunday, March 25, 2012

Displaying Photos in a Modern Way

Starting with great digital photographs, we were able to enlarge these files to make a statement as wall art. Printing on Optica Fine Art Paper and treated with a UV/ moisture resistant coating allows these images to be displayed without mats or glass.  We have coined a term for this treatment, "Photo Floats," meaning that we drymount the photos to foam core and then apply a thin wooden strainer strip on the back.  This provides rigidity and structure to the photo and allows the image to appear to be floating off the wall. A fresh, modern look that is also an economical way to showcase an image!

This example is one photo that has been printed in three sections and hung as a grouping for dramatic effect.  It was a stunning photo together, but the floating images in triptych makes a great centerpiece for the over the bed.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photo Frames

I have been away from blogging for a while, facebook became my new obsession. Our new venture in 2010 joining with Photo Therapy has become now a bit of our "New Normal" and we find ourselves enjoying the marriage of photography and framing!

Recently at a trade show in Las Vegas I took a new look at some of the more unique photo frame vendors. I found a lovely company in New York City that makes hand carved, gold leafed frames that have a kind of heirloom quality to them.

Even the backs of the frames are completely covered in paper (that matches the box they come in) with bronze closures. I ordered a dozen of them, in 5 x 7 size to see if I could find a market for them. If you see them and have the need for a little splurge, you will want your bridal portrait, new baby photo or restored picture of your parents to live in this frame for generations!

They are that special! Come see them in person.

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