Monday, February 16, 2015

Saving Historical Images

Some of our most interesting and gratifying work comes through helping people save images that are found with damage and decay.  To help bring these images back to life is one of our favorite things. There is always a story to go along with the photo and that keeps it personal for us.  The relationships our work brings is the best thing about our shop, hands down.

Here is a little before and after that really doesn't completely tell the story of how far gone this photo was.....mold spots, curled from water damage and almost black.  Some painstaking time at the computer removed all the the damage without obscuring the facial features and reprinted on archival rag paper it will last for several generations to come to keep the family history alive!
I can't say enough about the skill level of our photo therapists, Angela and Jeanna.  They are real pros!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Day In Red Rock Canyon, NV

I had an opportunity to take my camera along on our recent trip to Las Vegas to attend the West Coast Art and Framing Show.  I took a landscape photography and printing class taught by Hal Schmitt of LIGHT Photographic Workshops.  About 30 participants took the short trip out to Red Rock Canyon and we were surprised to have some beautiful clouds to add to the interest of the rugged landscape.

I took lots of pictures that morning but shot a quick panorama of this vista, stitched it together when I got home and sent it back to Hal to show him what I had done.  He liked it and said with my permission he would like to enter it into the photo contest that Canon was sponsoring for the show.  I just got the call today that my image was selected as the winner! I will be receiving a new Canon Pixma ink jet printer!  Isn't it fun to win at anything?
Thanks Hal for the opportunity to get out and shoot!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


April 20, 2014

Easter means lots of things to different people.  Is one of my favorite holidays because there is no work involved except the personal retracing of the path of Jesus.  Just like spring arriving every year, we know how the story ends!  Victory in the Resurrection?  Right?

This year Easter has taken on a whole new meaning.  You see, about 9 p.m. on Easter Sunday, a drunk driver did this to our business:

Our business means a lot to us, my husband's life long profession, our sole livelihood and that of our four full time staff members.  Our business is relational, we have been around for 37 years so we have lots of friends.  Many of them I have heard from in the last 36 hours.  This was a great reminder that the impact of our business, and even our lives, goes far beyond what we do to make a living.

First let me say a good word for our first responders - the Lexington Fire Department and Police Department were amazing.  This was my first time to have a catastrophic event - those guys are like chaplains, pastors in uniform....I never thought of them as caregivers before.  Now I get it.

But this felt different, purely as an act of grace, we were strong in the middle of chaos, armed with resolve to take the next steps being laid out for us and covered with nothing but gratitude.  What happened on a Sunday evening to destroy bricks and mortar could have been life and limb on a busy Monday afternoon on Versailles Road.  Gratitude!

In the light of day on Monday morning began the task of insurance calls, code enforcement, structural engineers, contractors, phone calls, text messages and TV interviews!  Things started dropping into place, calm and peaceful feelings were abundant.  There was even laughter amid the chaos!

Friends showed up to get supplies, carry art and inventory, go get lunch and give us a hug!  First visitor was our Pastor, then artists, our banker, family, church friends, customers and more customers. Everything was going to be OK!

Today we had good report from the electrical inspector so we get our meter back in and tomorrow the journey to powering up begins.  Communication, records, power tools, light....all depending on the life giving flow of electricity!

If you know me, then you know I read several daily devotions.  Today was this one that really helped me put things into words...

“That’s When the Miracles Really Start Showing Up” by Gary Meuller

You can’t fix the government. You can’t cure the church. You can’t change the world. But you can do something huge with your life. You can get right with God. Not by trying to be perfect, seeking to be more righteous than anyone else or attempting to earn your way into heaven. But simply by making it your life’s priority to approach God with a humble spirit, get real with God about how much help you need, invite God to go to work in your life and live out of the abundant grace with which God fills you. So start today. Right now, in fact. Then do it again tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that. One day at a time. Every day of your life. And, along the way, you’ll discover that’s when the miracles really start showing up.

and this from Richard Rohr: 

"Ultimate security allows you to suffer small insecurities without tremendous effort."

Yes, we are undergoing a resurrection of sorts.  Out of the rubble will arise a better South Hill Gallery. One with reinforced front walls.  One where our staff sets toward the rear of the room, not on the street. A chance to rebuild our front room better, not constrained by the facade that we started with.

Yes, Mike and I and our little band of merry men, we are going to be OK! Living out of the abundant grace we have been given.

Here is a link to the news story:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Michael Wheeler at South Hill Gallery

We are pleased to announce that the art of Michael Wheeler is on display at South Hill Gallery!  Michael is a well established artist in the area and his landscape work is highly sought after.  We had the opportunity to meet Michael and his family, even play a little music with the Kentucky Wheelers and best of all enter into an agreement to be his gallery representative in Lexington.

We have our first group of pieces by Michael, ranging in size from 6x8 up to 30x40.  We also have some canvas work by his daughter Teresa and watercolors by Monica.

Follow the link below to see some snapshots, but these have to be seen in person to believe!

Photos - Google+

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Art at the Gallery at TAC Air

We set some great new art at the TAC Air Gallery tonight, just in time for the fall horse sales, Keeneland and football.  If you are traveling through TAC Air you can make an immediate purchase from the gallery, the staff there will load it right up for you.  If you are in a rush, just call back and we can package and ship to your destination.

The great news is the gallery is open seven days a week at all hours, so anyone is welcome to stop in and take a spin around the gallery to check out whats new.

We have a great new collection of pieces from Erica Nordean, as well as five classic equine pieces from Brian Fox.

Fly or drive in to TAC and check out the Gallery!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marion County Justice Center

We had a great opportunity to work outside the Lexington area last night installing some beautiful art in an unlikely spot-a courthouse! Forward thinking persons wanted to add the beauty of art to the architectural beauty of the space.

Commissioning Michael Wheeler and two of his daughters, five pieces representing the seasons and family were hung. The space also includes a painted mural of Lady Justice in the spiral stairway.

Truly beautify art, enhanced by well designed framing and expert installation. It was a South Hill Gallery road trip!

Letha Drury
South Hill Gallery
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Who Frames Like This? We Do!

Every now and then I have
a crazy framing idea....isn't it fun to pull out something new out of the creative toolbox? We have a new collection of canvases from our favorite equine artist, Erica Nordean. This small canvas, 12 x 8, just needed a little dressing with a float frame. I loved the play of warm green and cool silver in the piece, so I put a silver fillet in the back of the float frame. When you look at the painting, there is a sparkle down deep, rather than a dark line. It really adds something nice, yet subtle to the piece!

Look for the entire collection to hang at TACAir Gallery soon!

Letha Drury
South Hill Gallery
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