Monday, February 16, 2015

Saving Historical Images

Some of our most interesting and gratifying work comes through helping people save images that are found with damage and decay.  To help bring these images back to life is one of our favorite things. There is always a story to go along with the photo and that keeps it personal for us.  The relationships our work brings is the best thing about our shop, hands down.

Here is a little before and after that really doesn't completely tell the story of how far gone this photo was.....mold spots, curled from water damage and almost black.  Some painstaking time at the computer removed all the the damage without obscuring the facial features and reprinted on archival rag paper it will last for several generations to come to keep the family history alive!
I can't say enough about the skill level of our photo therapists, Angela and Jeanna.  They are real pros!

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