Sunday, March 25, 2012

Displaying Photos in a Modern Way

Starting with great digital photographs, we were able to enlarge these files to make a statement as wall art. Printing on Optica Fine Art Paper and treated with a UV/ moisture resistant coating allows these images to be displayed without mats or glass.  We have coined a term for this treatment, "Photo Floats," meaning that we drymount the photos to foam core and then apply a thin wooden strainer strip on the back.  This provides rigidity and structure to the photo and allows the image to appear to be floating off the wall. A fresh, modern look that is also an economical way to showcase an image!

This example is one photo that has been printed in three sections and hung as a grouping for dramatic effect.  It was a stunning photo together, but the floating images in triptych makes a great centerpiece for the over the bed.

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