Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Night At the Governors Mansion

Pictured at right below: Mike Drury, First Lady, Jane and Governor Steven Beshear. On the left is Susanne Drury Grable with Mike. We worked with Susanne on the room that was her project in framing of the art.

We were honored to be invited to a reception at the Governor's Mansion on Tuesday, August 25th. All the vendors who participated in the renovation of the Lt. Governors Mansion project were invited. We only had a very small part, but were privileged to be part of the festivities. This is an incredible project involving over 800 vendors from across the commonwealth. The mansion was renovated all by donations of time, goods and services without using one single dollar of tax payers money!
Susanne Drury Grable....she may be our long lost cousin!

Here is a view of the Mansion after dark:

There is a lovely garden and patio that overlooks the river at the back of the mansion.

We enjoyed seeing many beautiful original works of art, including several famous works by Paul Sawyier:

One of the best events of the evening was Mike reuniting with Steve Collins, son of former Governor Martha Layne Collins. The Collins family was next door neighbors of the Drurys when all the kids were young. Steve had many fun memories of Sunday School events with Mike's Grandmother Drury and even recalled going to some campaign events in Sunfish, Kentucky-which was the alma mater (grade school, that is) of the Tomes family back in Edmonson County! Now Mike knows that Sunfish really existed and my cheers about being a "Sunfish Perch" were not made up!

What a fun night for the Drury's!
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