Friday, September 24, 2010

Let the Games Begin

It seems like only days ago that the "clocks" went up downtown, counting down 1000 days until the World Equestrian Games. My husband, visionary that he is, started thinking of all the things we could "do" to be a part of the buzz that is happening in our town.

1000 days later, we are working very hard to get ready for three very distinct and different art shows, complete with receptions, food, wine and art...and the least of our projects has been the Kentucky 2010 Silk Scarf. Rickelle Nelson created the drawings, which were translated onto silk in a lovely design with bits, leather and a logo in the center. This scarf is really something special, no matter if you like to wear art, or frame it and hang on the wall. This one is a keeper, and they are limited, so better check them out.

If you are out and about during the games, check out our website for our show schedules featuring Dean Hill (photography), Erica Nordean (contemporary equine art) and Rickelle Nelson (traditional equine art) through the end of October.

Let the Games Begin!

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