Thursday, November 26, 2009

The UK Dentistry Class Composite Projext

Before: The College of Dentistry has displayed the class composites from 1966 to current. However the framing practices back in the day exhibited the worst of the worst from a conservation standpoint. We are redoing them to give them a fresher look and hopefully slow down the damage from acid, UV light and outdated styles! BEFORE: Silver metal frames, Faded blue mat with silver accent, cardboard backing, masking tape and plain glass. The pictures are fading and falling down. Glass is so hazy you can't read the names. AFTER: Black Wood with blue and black accent mats. A very simple but fresh look for the College.

The night before Thanksgiving was a crazy time to work, however, in this busy clinic it was a good time to get out the ol' hammer drill and get things done! Thanks UK College of Dentistry for the opportunity to work with you on this worthwhile project!
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