Saturday, February 14, 2009

Peace Out! South Broadway

Our good friend, Keith Elrod, Maryville, TN send us a little surprise yesterday.....our very own Digital Customs cartoon, featuring us and our shop of 33 years in a cartoon. Kieth had collected several photographs and did lots of work with the folks at Digital Customs to take out all the traffic lights, wires and extraneous "stuff" out of the building picture. Then he cut us out of a picture taken last year at the PPFA Chapter Leaders Conference in Las Vegas and superimposed us on the corner. Adding a little text that includes Mikes favorite salutation, Peace Out....and there we are....Mike thinks he has a little more hair and I was glad they touched up my grey roots...But I guess we look like the stars in a FOX network sitcom.

Of course, Keith framed ours up in a great frame design for us to take with us to our new my mind is spinning trying to figure out how to make this into our newest ad campaign..

Thanks Keith and Marion, you guys are the best!
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Debbie said...

I received your mailing this morning and it made me laugh so hard. But, that is Mike and Leatha, your personalities really show in this mailing. I loved it!

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