Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm a natural born coon!

Mike and I had a rare opportunity to go out to Ann Tower Gallery in Lexington last week. They had an exhibit of some very nice primitive folk art. There was a piece in the very back of the gallery, where most people would miss, that had a very large coon jumping over the moon, reminiscent of the nursery rhyme. He was accompanied by a poem that really engaged me, as you see, the coon is my nemesis animal....another story.

The poem went as follows:

Natural Born Coon
by Jim Gary Phillips
I will steal thy corn
by the light of the moon.
I am what I am
a Natural Born Coon.
In the white oak tree
is where I make my stand.
Treed by a walker and
a black and tan.
The art and poem has haunted me, and of course, when Mike called about the picture two days later, it had sold. Alas, I had to re-learn the hard lesson....when art haunts you, buy it!

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